Customer Visit

Customer Visit

Liquid Packaging Line Case
5Gallon water line to San Salvador
5Gallon water line to San Salvador
Drinking Water Filling line to Haiti
Drinking Water Filling line to Haiti
Pop-can Beer filling line
Pop-can Beer filling line
5Gallon water filling line to Dubai
5Gallon water filling line to Dubai
CSD drink glass bottle filling line
CSD drink glass bottle filling line
Drinking water line to Bangladesh
Drinking water line to Bangladesh
5gallonn water line to Dominic
5gallonn water line to Dominic
Drinking water line to Saudi Arabia
Drinking water line to Saudi Arabia
Mango juice filling line to Uganda
Mango juice filling line to Uganda

Customer Testimonial

Client searched suppliers from Alibaba,after they compare different factories,Finally.choose V PACK MACHINE make this bottle unscrambler.after one year.machine work perfectly.

Automatic Bottle Unscrambler


Client find us from friend recomend.After he used V Pack 5GL PET blower.That is different quality as his previous old machine. Aluminium mold let bottle much nice looking.

Semi-automatic 5 Gallon Bottle Blow Moulding Machine


Client used Italy machines before.This is first time for him buy Chinese machine.

Choose V Pack Machine.You never disappointed.

8000BPH 16oz Bottle Water production line


Client bought cheap machine from China before.It always trouble them.

V Pack give some advice for his machine upgrade.Finally client purchase

two 700BPH 5GL water Line.

5Gallon 700BPH 5gallon Water Filling Machine

San Salvado

V Pack Engineer Mark sticker on machine for installation reference.also take video for all machine

connection.Client only take one week finished machine install and debugging.Best service is first.

Orange/Mango Juice Bottle Filling Production Line


After V Pack Engineer make workshop design & discuss machine details with client.

It keep communicate 6 months.Client let V Pack make 12000BPH turn key project.

12000 Bottles Per Hour Water Production Line


Client's workshop only have single phase eletricty. V Pack Engineer customized single phase 4000BPH Water production line for him.

4000BPH Bottle Water Filling Machine


USA client is high request for machine details.After V Pack engineer take long time communicate with client.We made high configuration New Bopp Labeller.

24000BPH BOPP Hot Melt Labeling Machine


Our inspect engineer make enough time on machine debugging before shippment.Give client inspection report.

Coin Test For Machine Stable Running Performance


Client want auto feeding 5gallon cap and make laser code inside cap.

V Pack engineer customized new system for client.It work perfect.

Ultraviolet light laser code printer


Client saw V Pack machine running is his country.Then he contacted us need same high quality machines.A to Z whole filling line test perfect.

12000BPH 500ml Drinking Water Filling Line


After First pop-can juice filling line work perfect in client's factory.This client keep buying 4 production line in 5 years.

10000CPH Can drink production line for juice


After Services

After our engineer install 8000BPH Juice filling line in Malaysia.

our engineer training operators how to run machine & maintain.

After our engineer guide installation on line.1200BPH 5gallon water line.

run in Dominic.

900BPH 5gallon Water line install in Haiti.

24000 Caps/H compression machine install in Colombia.

Our engineer support 10 days training operation service.

Our engineer installed 10000BPH Drinking water line in Santiago (DOM).

Our engineer training operators for 4000BPH 500ml & 900BPH 5gallon water line.

Our engineer help client to repair & maintain screw chiller.

Guide user how to change bopp label and run machine.

 Support client how to desgin production line layout.


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